PINK SCHOOL, the Premier Seduction and Pole Dance School

Pole Dance School
Welcome to the Pink School, a Pole Dance school created in 2006. Here we celebrate every women and we want them to feel sexy and confident. But most of all we want them to have fun !
All our classes are available in french, english and for some of them even in spanish ! Our teachers are all performers, coachs and dancers with a lot of stage experience as well at teaching experience.

Pink School Subscription Cards
10 classes Card 200€ instead of 250€ (3 month)
15 classes Card 300€ instead of 350€ (3 month)
20 classes Card 350€ instead of 500€ (4 month)
30 classes Card 550€ instead of 700€ (5 month)
45 classes Card 800€ instead of 1050€ (6 month)

The Pink School is a unique Pole Fitness Studio in Paris, situated near the Champs Elysées, in one of the most lovely parisian area. Over 10 years of experience, more than 1 500 students each month, 7 professional teachers…

Booking a class at Pink School

To book a class at the Pink School simply have a look at the planning then send us an email at or call us if you prefere +33640799726.

Are you a student ? If so you can save on your classes and subscriptions by showing us you student card. the class will be 20€ instead of 25€ and every subscription card will be less 10% !

Bachelorette and birthday parties are also more than welcome ! Discover all we have to offer on the Bachelorette and Private Sessions page

Discover the Pink School Classes !

Pole Dance Beginner / Level 1 : Discover the basics of Pole Dance and practice enough spins and tricks to impress !

Pole Dance Intermediate / Level 2 : Now you are ready for the next level of Pole Dance ... and for even more fun !

Pole Dance Advenced / Level 3 : The most advanced collective Pole Dance class here at the Pink School.

Twerk : If you want to know everything about how to check your booty, Laura's Twerk class is where you should be.

Burlesque Striptease : Parisian artist Athena'Ttention introduce you to the french art of tease... Glamorous class for flirty afternoon !

Pole Choré : Every wednesday, learn a Pole Dance routine with Nathalie, our dance and pole dance teacher.

Exotic Pole Dance : The hottest Pole Dance class of Paris ! Sexy dancer Karina teaches you everything you need to know about sexy pole dance !

Crazy Sexy Pole : Lola was a dancer in a famous parisian cabaret before teaching at the Pink School. This Dance + Pole Dance class is one of a kind !

Pole Fitness : The fitness + Pole Dance class that you where dreaming of !

Classes Schedule

Each Saturday is different at the Pink School... Book a class or privatise the school for a french "Pole Dance Tea Time" ;-)

13h00 Pole Dance Niveau/Level 1
14h00 Pole Dance Niveau/Level 2
15h00 Pole Dance Découverte/One-class Pole Dance
16h00 Pole Dance Découverte/One-class Pole Dance
17h00 Pole Choré

13h00 Pole Dance Niveau/Level 1
14h00 Pole Dance Niveau/Level 2
15h00 Coming Soon
16h00 Coming Soon
17h00 Burlesque Striptease
18h00 Private Exotic Pole Dance

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